Conspicuous in His absence : studies in the Song of Songs and Esther / Chloe T. Sun.

"In the biblical canon, two books lack any explicit reference to the name of God: Song of Songs and Esther. God's peculiar absence in these texts is unsettling, both for theological discourse and for believers considering implications for their own lived experience.  Chloe T. Sun takes on the challenges of God's absence by exploring the often overlooked theological connections between these two Old Testament books. In Conspicuous in His Absence, Sun examines and reflects on the Song of Songs and Esther using theological interpretation. She addresses three main questions: What is the nature of God as revealed in texts that don't use his name? How do we think of God when he is perceived to be absent? What should we do when God is silent or hidden?  The experience of God's absence or silence is an important part of the human condition. By exploring the distinct themes and perspectives of Song of Songs and Esther, as well as how they've been received in Jewish and Christian history, Sun demonstrates how both books serve as counter texts to the depiction of God and his work in the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures. Thus both contribute to a fuller picture of who God is and what it means to know him" -- From the back cover

謝挺 (Sun, Chloe T.)

謝挺博士(Chloe Sun)生於北京,後移居香港。隨後,在美國讀大學,信主、蒙召。先後於金門神學院、達拉斯神學院與福勒神學院取得道學碩士、神學碩士、與哲學博士的學位。現任美國福勒神學院舊約教授、中華研究中心副主任,曾任美國正道福音神學院舊約教授和教務長。中文著作包括《創世記(上、下)》註釋書,希伯來文靈修系列的《始於神》、《慧於神》、《出於神》、《頌於神》和《雅歌:情牽永約》註釋書,以及《詩篇是我的嚮導:詩人教我的靈修學》和《缺席的神:雅歌與以斯帖記研讀》。謝博士也在世界各地教學和主領聖經講座,她喜歡用深入淺出的方式教學,引起學生對舊約聖經的興趣,並增進他們與神的關係。

1. Theology: Divine Presence and Absence
2. Absence: Wisdom and Countertexts
3. Time: Song and Narrative
4. Temple: Garden and Palace
5. Feast: Passover and Purim
6. Canon: Resonances and Dissonances



Conspicuous in His absence : studies in the Song of Songs and Esther / Chloe T. Sun.








x, 325 pages : illustrations ; 16 x 23 cm.